Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Speed issues
Author Leyne, Sean

> I dont have other connections to database - I am runing it on my
> development machine. timing for the second run never was a problem -
> second query with same params is exretmly fast. Problem is that I dont have
> 2 same params never one after first. And, whenever I change params, first
> query is relatively slow.

By "params" do you mean field names or the field values used in the query?

> regarding header stats
> Oldest transaction    2020
> Oldest active            2021
> Oldest snapshot       2021
> Next transaction       2035

OK, no issue here.

> I have 8 gb of Ram. db size is about 26 GB.

What OS are you running?

> Page size of database is 4096.

You should try to backup and then restore with 8K page size

> Index stats  of LINK_LA_TYP_IDX5 is 0.000000105665.
> Selectivity of the fields in link_la_typ is:
> lat_ga_id = 2470 / 125.000.000
> lat_la_id = 17.500.000 / 125.000.000

What is the "depth" of the index?

What is the order of the fields in the LINK_LA_TYP_IDX5 index?