Subject RE: [firebird-support] Unlock record
Author Leyne, Sean

> I add some information to my previous mail. When I try to delete the record
> of MON$ATTACHMENTS, the complete message I got is the following:
> The insert, update, delete, ddl or authorization statement cannot
>  be executed because the transaction is inquiry only

It seems that monitoring table functions do not allow for "read-only" attachments to be deleted/killed.

Very interesting.

1- The fact that the "WITH LOCK" option was used makes what otherwise should be a simple SELECT statement much more significant, but the message suggest that read-only statements should be ignored (although supported WITH LOCK is very uncommon usage, so may not have been considered)

2- IMO, the functionality should allow for all/any attachment to be deleted. The purpose of the feature is to all such attachments to be managed in such a fashion -- there should be no restrictions.

> Any other idea to unlock a record?

Close have your application commit transaction or close your application.