Subject Re: Modify database structure, add and drop indexes while in heavy use?
Author Caroline Beltran
Problem finally resolved by GBAK using the -g option to disable garbage collection.  After creating my backup, I restored using GBAK and my problem was completely resolved.

My question remains though.  Is it a bad idea to modify a database as indicated above during heavy use?  Thank you.

On Tue, Dec 15, 2015 at 11:42 AM, Caroline Beltran <caroline.d.beltran@...> wrote:
Please note that I attempted to backup and restore the database in hopes that the problem would be resolved.  This is what I tried:

gbak -b E:/mydata.fdb e:/mydata.fbk -user sysdba -password masterkey -v

It started off well and "wrote data for table" for 3 of the 4 tables.

When it started to write data for the 4th table, it paused at this line for approx. 5 hours until I gave up and stopped GBAK manually:
"gbak: writing data for table MYTABLE"
"gbak: 20000 records written"

Records for MYTABLE did not finish getting written and that happens to be one of the tables where I DROPPED an index from.  I also had created an index during my batch process mentioned previously.

I cannot be sure if these database modifications during heavy use caused this issue or if it was pre-existing.  Can someone tell me if it is OK to modify your database structure and add/drop indexes while the database is in relatively heavy use?  Thank you.

On Tue, Dec 15, 2015 at 9:32 AM, Caroline Beltran <caroline.d.beltran@...> wrote:
I have a FB database 4 tables. I decided to add some columns, drop one index and create two indexes while the FB database handling a 12 hour long batch job.

Between all tables, these batch jobs consist of an average of 1 to 20 INSERTS per second and 10 to 40 UPDATES per second.  There are also approximately 5 selects (with JOINS) per second.

To avoid the expense of opening and closing connections, I am running a connection pool with 15 shared connections.

I don't want to bog this message down with excessive details and would like to know if performing modifications to the database running such a batch is a bad idea.  Thank you for your time.

I am using Firebird 2.5.4 Superserver on Windows 2012 64 bit.