Subject Re: [firebird-support] Charset UTF8 or ISO8859_1 for new DB with CI + AI
Author Hannes Streicher
Guten Tag rick@... [firebird-support],

> Here are my questions:

> 1. Is only one byte used for storage for english and spanish?
NO plain englisch will still be one Byte but spanisch (the accented n ) will be multiple bytes

> 3. Is there any downside to using UTF8 and UNICODE_AI_CI over ISO8859_1 and collation ISO8859_1?
UTF8 will always reserve 4 bytes per "Char" in Transferbuffers because a UTF8 Char can be up to 4 Bytes long

if have not looked at FB 3 but in 2.5 the maximum size of a varchar is some 32000 Char , due to the 4 Byte/Char
space reservation mechanism this will go down to 8000 and some for UTF8 Encoded

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> Rick


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