Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB lock files
Author Hugo Eyng
Hi Rudi.

Look at this

Consider to change DefaultDbCachePages in firebird.conf.  You should read about this, because it depends if you use super server, classic or super classic.

DatabaseGrowthIncrement  is a  parameter that can affect the database performance too.

Hugo  Eyng

Em 07/12/2015 16:52, Rudi Feijó rudi.feijo@... [firebird-support] escreveu:

I noticed our biggest data server have a lot of hard disk activity creating fb_lock files.

Firebird 2.5.4, superclassic

My changed lock configurations are :


#LockMemSize = 1048576

LockMemSize = 10097152

#LockHashSlots = 1009

LockHashSlots = 60589


Should I try to set them higher? If so, whats a good parameter to know by how much I should increase it?



Hugo Eyng