Subject Re: [firebird-support] VS2008 DDEX/ADO.NET confusion
Author Mark Rotteveel
On 28-11-2015 06:38, slucas slucas@... [firebird-support] wrote:
> may someone please give me some clarity? i am using visual studio
> 2008. i have to use that version to develope an embedded program for a
> smart device. so i am locked into VS2008.

Are you using .NET or C++?

> i am trying to find and implement the correct library for fb_client.dll
> for use on this windows CE embedded device. i can't for the life of me
> figure out what libraries to install for VS2008 that actually work? i
> have downloaded the DDEXProvider- and installed if for
> VS2008x32 and x64. is that enough? i have also read that i also need
> to install the ADO.NET library. is that true or can i use the DDEX by
> itself?
> and if i can use the DDEX library by itself, can someone point me to an
> example/tutorial on exactly how to setup a connection, query, sql,
> close, close, in pure code please?

No, DDEX is tooling for database access from within Visual Studio
itself, it is not for accessing a database from your application.

If you are using .NET, know that questions about use in .NET should go
to the Firebird .NET provider mailinglist. See for instructions to subscribe.

As far as I know the Firebird .NET provider no longer supports Windows
CE, so you need to find out which version still supported it (ask on the
Firebird .NET provider mailinglist) and download it from
You may need to compile it yourself.


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Mark Rotteveel