Subject VS2008 DDEX/ADO.NET confusion
Author slucas
may someone please give me some clarity? i am using visual studio
2008. i have to use that version to develope an embedded program for a
smart device. so i am locked into VS2008.

i am trying to find and implement the correct library for fb_client.dll
for use on this windows CE embedded device. i can't for the life of me
figure out what libraries to install for VS2008 that actually work? i
have downloaded the DDEXProvider- and installed if for
VS2008x32 and x64. is that enough? i have also read that i also need
to install the ADO.NET library. is that true or can i use the DDEX by

and if i can use the DDEX library by itself, can someone point me to an
example/tutorial on exactly how to setup a connection, query, sql,
close, close, in pure code please?

thank you in advance, lucas