Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird for a web application
Author Nagy Szilveszter

i don't know what you want to monitor. There are MON$ tables for monitoring FB.
We are using IBExpert for handling databases, which also has monitoring options (it actually requests data from MON$ tables).There also is performance analysis function and a lot more.

What we really do is: create the domains/tables. We write Stored Procedures (SP) for every single action (list, edit, delete, ...) and we never let direct acces to tables. Communiaction is all done through SPs.
After the project is finished we analyse every SP (with IBExpert) to see they are performing well (there is a nice graph in IBExpert for this).
Then we launch it in production.

If new features are developed later, we do them on the development server and after testing we synchronize database structure to production server (IBExpert can also do this)

About monitoring, we only monitor database health by an automatic backup-restore procedure (run from cron script)

As troubleshooting, if something goes wrong usually the daily backup is the key point...but we had database corruption only once. Then i bought a IBSurgeon's FBfirstAID license for 200 EUR and problem was solved easily.

That's all in short.

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Hello Szilveszter,
what is your experience about monitoring, analysis and troubleshooting?

Thanks a lot,