Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird for a web application
Author Nagy Szilveszter
Hi Mirco,

we also developed dozens of web applications since 2009 using Firebird on Linux (CentOS) servers and we never had problems. Once i had a database corruption, but that could have been avoided if we stuck to the general safety rules.

We also have big databases, but we dont really like to store files / binary BLOB in Firebird. (this is a personal preference, i like if my backup-restore process to be as fast as possible. We are restoring all databases every night to see they are okay. We are also checking sync between file storage and database - in the database we store the location, name, size, data, owner of the file and there is a script that requests these data from the storage API and compares them every night. If there is a difference it logs them and sends an alert mail to us.

The only thing i lacked was FTS (Full Text Search) but looks like Sphinx will solve my problem, thanks to all the supporters of the FB and Sphinx forums.

As finally FB3 is out i'm going to first test it and then slowly port all databases to FB3.

On Thursday, November 19, 2015 1:24 PM, "mirco.malaguti@... [firebird-support]" <> wrote:

Hi Steve, thank you for sharing.

We planned to make the application available in september 2016.
This would allow us to consider Firebird 3 which surely have more power, but less proven.

Break a leg!