Subject Re: [firebird-support] High CPU use after restore
Author Mark Rotteveel
On Thu, 29 Oct 2015 07:43:29 +0100, "Jardar Maatje
jardar.maatje@... [firebird-support]"
<> wrote:
> Hi again,
> Sounds like a reasonable cause for the problem. So now is my question,
> is the best way to upgrade.
> My current setup is as follows:
> I have two databases, one for raw data (RAW), and the second one for
> decoded data (MAIN). I need to keep the RAW db with as high availability
> possible (or we will loose incoming data). For the MAIN db I have more
> slack regarding downtime (weekends/nights). They both have ODS version
> 11.2.
> The best would be if I could upgrade to the latest version (2.5.4) of
> server db without the need to do backup/restore as this takes a lot of
> time.

You will need to backup and restore or at least rebuild the indexes, see
the release notes for 2.5.3: