Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird replication help needed
Author Alan McDonald

Hello Alan,

Thank you for your answer. I will download the FB Replicator try it and see if it will work for me. 

That part with the triggers i've already done. I have after I, U, D triggers for every table and they insert into my replication log table. The problem is that I used to put the sql query that was executedon the client DB on this table in the log and then just execute it on the server DB. But if the table metadata is changed, then that doesn't work anymore, cos its says can't execute to server because the fields in the insert do not equal to those in the table. So I decided insted to log only the table name, the PK of record, timestamp and the type of query - I U D. And if it's I, to execute insert or update on server. But probably when I execute them I'll have to separate them by table and get every field name and then value of that table and then onstruct the query as a string so it will be probably slow. 

My other problem is should I do it in the C# replication app of use a script instead?

Thank you again.If I have further questions I'll write.

There’s IBReplicator (Commercial) at IBPhoenix. FBReplicator is open source.