Subject Re: [firebird-support] Data Type for Primary Key
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Kevin Meyers kevinjmeyers@... [firebird-support] schrieb am 06.10.2015 22:36:

> I am wondering if any of you have every noticed any significant performance
> difference between using BIGINT versus INTEGER as an autoincremented
> primary key in Firebird. My idea is to use BIGINT and have virtually
> unlimited records ("set it and forget it" approach), but if I am going to
> incur a real performance hit, I would probably use INTEGER instead. I've
> done some modest testing and haven't noticed much difference, but I am
> wondering what you all have experienced in real world situations.

BIGINT is the way to go.

You will for sure have different areas where you can improve performance. The root cause for 90% of performance issues are usually SQL Tuning/Performance and the unterlaying physical data model (indexes etc.) related.

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