Subject Re: [firebird-support] Unlock record
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
>I saw the same as you, and made the following test:
>- Opened my application.
>- Executed the option which locks a record (executes a SELECT * FROM TABLE1 WHERE (FIELD1 = 'some value') WITH LOCK).
>- Opened the database with IB_SQL.
>- Looked in table MON$STATEMENTS. I found many records. Many of them with MON$SQL_TEXT null. Only one of them had MON$TIMESTAMP not null.
>- I deleted the only record with MON$TIMESTAMP not null.
>- I opened another instance of IB_SQL and verified that the record I locked at the first step was still locked.
>Am I undestanding something wrong or this doesn´t work?
>Another idea to manually unlock a record?

Finally got temporary access to a computer and can confirm that deleting from mon$statements is not enough when using WITH LOCK (I never use WITH LOCK myself). However, I did get access to this record (using Fb 2.5) by deleting from MON$ATTACHMENTS. There may or may not be other, less intrusive ways to get such access, though I failed when I tried MON$TRANSACTIONS.