Subject Re: [firebird-support] I don´t receive my mess ages
Author Lester Caine
On 20/01/15 19:49, Eduardo gusedum@... [firebird-support] wrote:
> Yesterday I sent an e-mail to the list but I didn´t receive it. I
> received other mails from the list but didn´t receive my own message.
> Today I received an answer to my message and I sent a new mail. Again I
> didn´t received my own message.

There are various switches on the yahoogroups but while other services
do have a switch for mirroring your own posts I don't think that has
made it to yahoogroups yet. So as others have indicated it may be your
email client which is modifying behaviour. Presumably you can see the
messages in the on-line listing.

CURRENTLY I have an irritating problem with Thunderbird where on some
yahoo lists it correctly displays the sender in the from column, but on
this and a number of lists all I get is the list name 'firebird-support'
against every message. The format of the header was changed with one of
the 'upgrades' to yahoo last year but I've still not worked out how to
fix Thunderbird, and from other lists I have had the information that
THEIR copies of Thunderbird give names fine.

This is not a simple - so and so is wrong - problem ... and I now have
alternate email addresses to get around some of the niggles.

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