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Don`t think that would change the answers above too much.
Depending on the amount of data the device needs, you mind find it simpler to simply get a full 'packet' of data once you unload whatever info you have locally. Keeping in sync is generally a pain in the ass and not always worth it. If you won`t be working online (and therefore bandwidth is not an issue) and the data is not huge (meaning it will do a full sync within a reasonable time) - my advice is not to bother :)

2015-01-18 19:43 GMT+02:00 Craig Cox Craig_Cox@... [firebird-support] <>:

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts.  I understand that this is really not the forum for such a discussion and I appreciate everyone’s advice.  I failed to note an important detail in my original discussion.  That is, my mobile device (tablet) will likely not have a connection to the internet until it reaches its home base.  Because of this, I need to sync prior to leaving home base, collect data, then resync at a later time.


If you know of a more appropriate forum for this discussion, please let me know.


Thanks again. 


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