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I have used Ruby (Sinatra) in the past (though I`m not too excited about the Firebird support, it is working), which does provide a rather easy start. Currently going with Clojure, which achieves results with even less code/effort (once you get over the lisp concepts) and offers a single .jar file to deploy.
I assume there is something similarly pleasant to work with for Python.
More traditional Java-based solutions would act just as well, but they would require a lot more code being written. Same goes for C# if you prefer .Net.
In the end, there are way too many choices out there to have "a right one".

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My RESTful web service has Apache + PHP + Slim + JSON + Firebird (PDO) combination. I am using it for the last 2 years. Or you can opt for Tomcat + Jersey + JSON + Firebird (Jaybird) combination also.



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Assuming you know how to develop webservices

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I am facing the exact same issue with an app I want to develop. Is there a place you can point me to to learn more about the options and how to implement them? I recognize the issues presented, just not sure what the best approach is to solving them .

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