Subject Re: [firebird-support] Cannot transliterate character between character sets for Firebird 2.1 database with WIN1257
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

> I am trying to migrate Firebird 1.5 dialect 1 charset NONE database to Firebird
> 2.1 dialect 1 charset WIN1257 database, that still will be used by BDE.
> All is working. The only problem is that metadata (code of procedures or
> triggers) can not contain WIN1257 specific characters (with special marks).
> Such procedures compile and and can be executed but when they are viewed with
> IBExpert of Flamerobin, the exception 'Cannot transliterate character between
> character sets' is raised.
> We can avoid use of WIN1257 characters in metadata, it is sufficient that they
> are used in data (even BLOB fields handle them OK), but can this raise issues
> later (which is hard to predict now from our experience only)? What is the best
> and fastest path to make such migration?

What was your process to switch from NONE to WIN1257. The only reliable way to do that is to create a new empty database with WIN1257 as default character set and re-create objects in the new database via a DDL script and then move data with a data pump utility.

With regards,
Thomas Steinmaurer

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