Subject Re: [firebird-support] nbackup database made database inaccessible
Author Alexey Kovyazin

If you have moved or deleted .delta-file, you got the correct message.
If delta file was corrupted, or database was corrupted in the way which prevent merge, there could be various error messages.

Check your database with gfix -v -full now, to be sure it's Ok.

>Is it risky to run a nbackup?
If you are using nbackup, you need to understand that you need to watch delta file size and lifetime, and also be aware that nbackup does not detect any errors on page or record level.

Alexey Kovyazin



I have encountered a serious problem with nbackup.
During a automated nbackup something happened with the .delta file and the database was inaccessible until i luckily found the command "nbackup.exe -U" which addressed the problem. Nothing else worked.
The error message was that the .delta file is missing.

The nbackup was executed from JayBird.
Firebird 2.5.3 on Windows.

What causes this? Is it risky to run a nbackup?