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Thank you for answer.
For 16Gb or 64Gb RAM I don't if it is possible with current server (physical server limits I mean), I'll ask to customer (I hope in 8Gb RAM).
Anyhow, with dbbuffers you mean Page Buffers, right? And dbpagesize*dbbuffers=bytes used for cache, you mean total bytes for all connection or bytes for each connection?
Another doubt (I found it in some forums but I don't remember the link), a 16k page includes a 16k hard disk cluster (format options I mean)? It's correct?


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Your big problem is low RAM with 32bit os an FB. Esspecially your sweep can take very very long time if some of your index is bigger than avaiable RAM. And yes upgrade to new server with minimum 16 GB RAM. Your DB is 50GB then the best will be 64.

Then backup your db an restore with 16k page and increase your dbbuffers (value in pages)
You can calc this as dbpagesize*dbbuffers=bytes used for cache

I think that your stat query will run in few minutes instead of houers

I made the same for my db server and it work like rocket ;-)

Karol Bieniaszewski
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