Subject RE: Firebirdsql adding new charsets to database
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
If your database has the right ODS version, i.e. that it is created with Firebird 2.5, then you can just use the character set – i.e.

MyChineseField Varchar(50) character set GB18030,
MyNorwegianField Varchar(50) character set iso8859_1 collate no_no,
MyASCIIField Varchar(50) character set ASCII);

I’ve never used it myself, but a quick search on the Internet indicates that FBClone possibly could help you change the character set of an existing database.


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Subject: [firebird-support] Firebirdsql adding new charsets to database

Dear Firebirdsql Community,
I want to add GB18030 charset to an existing firebirdsql database. How can I do that? Is that even doable, or will that require a new database to be created?

Firebird database engine version: 2.5.2

Thank you!

Vardan Minasyan

Vardan Minasyan
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