Subject Re: [firebird-support] Help!!! - Problem with Firebird Embeded
Author Adam
I think a status update may be helpful.

After deleting all other than the one fbclient.dll in myapp folder

1 - Running my app results in the following error message:

[FireDAC][Phy][IB]-314. Cannot load vendor library [fbclient.dll].
Hint: check it is in the PATH or application EXE directories, and has x86 bitness.

I've checked and it is in both the PATH and app EXE directory.
Not at all sure how to check that it has x86 bitness.

2 - IB_SQL gives this new error :(

ISC ERROR CODE:335544379

unsupported on-disk structure for file D:\my_app\myapp.FDB; found 32779, support 15

3 - FlameRobin

Context Database Connect
Message =: isc_attach_database failed

SQL Message: -902
Unsuccessful execution caused by  system error that precludes successful execution of subsequent statements

Engine Code  :335544721
Engine Message:
Unable to complete network request to host "localhost:3050"
Failed to establish connection.
No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.