Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Proper way to configure Firebird startup on FreeBSD 10
Author marcus
discusses some points you should consider.

And where to place databases - now, there are some common locations such
as /var, /usr/var or /opt - but there is no general authoritative answer
possible, as it depends on how the system is configured and what are the
needs of operating the db. discusses general
freebsd security and links to some more toppics.

And as written before: firebird is the only user who needs access to the

stevef199@... [firebird-support] wrote:
> If someone posts an authoritative answer here on the Firebird support
> group, then everyone who is running FreeBSD/Firebird who needs help can
> see the answer in future and be helped. That is the main reason I have
> posted the question here. By the way, I have searched the www high and
> low, but could not find an answer and hence this is the only place I
> could post. Maybe I should have posted on the FreeBSD forums......

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