Subject RE: [firebird-support] Configuring Firebird for high transaction through put
Author Leyne, Sean
> We are having to gear up one of our web apps for a potential spike in access
> next month and have been running some load testing. Overall it seems not
> to bad but the database is a bit of a bottleneck or so it seems.
> Without turning off forced rights what else should we look at? We have
> increased core utilisation. Does page size have an impact? Any ideas would
> be welcomed. Are there any documents anywhere that cover this?

What type of access (read vs. write mix) are you expecting?

What mix of small vs. large queries are you expecting?

How many simultaneous connections are you expecting?

What page cache number and page size have you tested with?

What type of HDD config and how much RAM will the server have?

What OS?