Subject RE: Case insensitive search on a memo field
Author Svein Erling Tysvær


>I’m using Firebird 2.5.3, and I am looking for text in a memo field, eg.


I take it you mean BLOB or VARCHAR, I’ve never heard of memo fields in Firebird?


>Select * from mytable t where t.mymemo like ‘%find me%’

>The will only find

>“find me”

>and not


>Find me or

>Find Me etc


>I’m tempted to do something like

>Select * from mytable t where lowercase(t.mymemo) like ‘%find me%’

>but since this memo field could be enormous, I’m guessing that wold be horribly inefficient.

>Is there a better way?


I think SELECT * FROM MYTABLE WHERE MYMEMO CONTAINING ‘FIND ME’ is case insensitive. One, probably better, alternative would be to use a case insensitive collation, but I doubt collations can be used in blobs (it should work in a varchar). And you’re right, it will be slow since no indexes can be used (hopefully, we’re not talking about more than a few million rows in this table?)…