Subject Re: [firebird-support] Install then start
Author pol pak
Am a NON-Technical, or is it Technically-Challenged, linux user ;-)

Admit so far, a challenge to reach using Firebird.

1. ** Installed easily on openSUSE 13.1 (Gnome) fast enough using zypper install with no problems.

Source repository:

2. ** Logged in as root user the command gsec, was able to view and add users.
Admit took a while to find this.

2.b ** using :~> Find / grep -i 'employee'

able to locate the sample database: employee.fdb

2.c ** Also located with :~> cat /etc/firebird/aliases.conf

# ------------------------------
# List of known database aliases
# ------------------------------

# Example Database:
employee.fdb = /usr/lib64/firebird/sample/employee.fdb
employee = /usr/lib64/firebird/sample/employee.fdb


3. ** Is this where the package is held ready to unpack somehow into somewhere else ? Or is it where we input and work with data ?

4. ** LibreOffice "Connect to an existing database" did not show Firebird.

Somewhere read LibreOffice will read Firebird same as Mariadb, however neither showing in list of databases can access. (a LibreOffice issue ?)

5. ** "As the firebird-devel mailinglist also get posts that belong in 'support' and the firebird website states 'Firebird-support (if you don't know where to ask, ask here!)', I thought this one is probably the best."

Support above comment posted by: bert_herngreen@... :-)

Also post there :~>

Hope to know what am doing soon :~)