Subject Re: EXECUTE STATEMENT ON EXTERNAL 'ODBC://odbc_datasource_name'
Author Dmitry Yemanov
30.08.2014 14:25, bert_herngreen@... wrote:
> Should the Execute statement work on an ODBC datasource already with FB 3.0?


> The ability to access foreign database engines using providers should
> not be overlooked, either. It might seem
> strange to consider this, given the number of tools available for this
> sort of task. Think about the ability to
> access other Firebird databases using EXECUTE STATEMENT, that became
> available in Firebird 2.5. With
> a provider to ODBC or other common tool to access various data sources
> it is within reach to use EXECUTE
> STATEMENT to get direct access from procedures and triggers, to data
> from any database having a driver for the chosen access tool.

There are no providers developed for ODBC yet.