Subject Re: [firebird-support] Alternative for Zebedee
Author Koenraad Lelong
op 22-08-14 12:11, trskopo@... [firebird-support] schreef:
> Hi guys,I tried to installed Zebedee on CentOS 6.3, but failed because
> of missing library. The library was related with OpenSSL.
> I have search in the net, Zebedee using very old library that no longer
> supported on CentOs 6.3, the only way to install it on CentOS is to
> build from its source code.
> But I have very limited skill in Linux, so although there is a source
> code, I can't build it into an RPM.
> Is there any alternative for zebedee that works with CentOS? Or is there
> any Zebedee.rpm already built for CentOs?
> Thanks & regards,
> Anto

Stunnel ? This is actively maintained. I have good results with it.