Subject RE: [firebird-support] Forced write, page size and buffer size
Author Leyne, Sean
> I run 2.5.2 on a virtual Server 2008R2 machine.
> Is FW on by default on this install?

FW is not a function of the install or server config, it is a database property that is determined by the OS which was used to create the database*.

For all version of Windows the default = ON

I am not sure about *nux platforms, other will need to confirm.


* 1 - It is possible to copy a database between Windows and Linux (with the same CPU architecture). So, a database created on Windows would have FW = ON on Linux, even if the default for that platform is FW=OFF.

2- The property survives backup/restore and can only be changed using gfix. So, create and backup from Windows and restore to Linux would have FW=ON.