Subject Re: {Disarmed} Re: [firebird-support] Forced write, page size and buffer size
Author Elmar Haneke
Am 19.08.2014 um 18:30 schrieb 'Carlos H. Cantu' listas@...
> Re: [firebird-support] Forced write, page size and buffer size The
> best thing would be if someone could simulate some crashes (like power
> failure) in both configurations and report back about existence of
> corruption.

Such an simulation does hardly cover all possible problems.

In general there was an statement about old interbase database which
should be "up again" shortly after an power fail in an tank-environment
caused by firing the gun. There is some chance that firebird can recover
after crash.

The Problem itself does arise from the order the physical writes are
done. If the OS (or even the disk) does reorder writes I would suspect
to generate problems.

You can simulate power-fail by using QEMU emulation and killing the