Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: object is in use
Author Carlos H. Cantu
DYdusnfs> It's not about when your DDL is applied but about the cached procedure
DYdusnfs> BLR that is used by others. The changed (new) procedure BLR will be used
DYdusnfs> by newly compiled statements immediately after your DDL has been
DYdusnfs> executed. However, all already compiled statements will keep using the
DYdusnfs> old procedure BLR until these statements are released.
DYdusnfs> So Sean is correct except that "holding an object" applies to particular
DYdusnfs> statements, not a connection as a whole.
DYdusnfs> Dmitry

Thanks for clarification. I still wonder why the initial reporter said
the "trick" didn't work for him.

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DYdusnfs> 18.08.2014 23:39, 'Carlos H. Cantu' wrote:

>> LSSBcfs> While this would avoid the error, you will not know when/if your change will be applied.
>> LSSBcfs> A connection can hold an object in use for an indeterminant period of time.
>> Dmitry said to me sometime ago that procedures changes will be
>> executed immediately and not get held. I tested and seems to be true
>> (ie: "wait" behavior is different for such case).