Subject Re: Forced write, page size and buffer size
Author Dmitry Yemanov
18.08.2014 22:51, Aldo Caruso wrote:
> For reliability reasons, I decided to turn on forced writes on a
> database running on Linux.

What is FB architecture: SS / CS / SC? I suspect SS given your default
cache size (2048 pages) but it's worth double checking.

> 1) Does it makes sense to activate forced writes on Linux ?

It depends on what reliability means to you.

> 2) Is increasing the page size the right approach to improve performance
> ? Which are the drawbacks of setting page size to 16K ?

The cost is a higher concurrency for the same pages under parallel load.

> 3) The same question stands for cache pages: is it useful ( or has
> disadvantages ) to have so many cache pages as there are on disk pages (
> provided there is enough RAM size ) ?

It would surely not hurt.