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Also, FB 2.5.0 has problems with this. If you use this version upgrade to 2.5.1 or above.


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Hello Carlos.


I am using IBExpert to run an 'CREATE OR ALTER PROCEDURE MY_PROCEDURE....."

That´s why I am not understending what can avoid to execute this.

This PROCEDURE just returns a value from a table.

I should be able to drop and insert a PROCEDURE at anytime into the DB. Should not I?

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When you start a transaction you determine the wait mode. Where you set this depends on the component/access technology you are using.

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Hi Carlos.

Where do I chage it?


Em 18/08/2014 15:06, 'Carlos H. Cantu'
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To avoid such error, try to change the DDL transaction parameter to
WAIT instead of NO WAIT.

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HEhmcfs> Hello.

HEhmcfs> IBExpert shows the message:

HEhmcfs> lock conflict on no wait transaction
HEhmcfs> unsuccessful metada update
HEhmcfs> object MY_PROCEDURE is in use

HEhmcfs> How can I see 'who' is using the procedure?



Hugo Eyng

Hugo Eyng