Subject RES: [firebird-support] object is in use
Author Fabiano - Desenvolvimento SCI

Maybe this can help:

SELECT st.mon$statement_id as "Statement ID",

       st.mon$attachment_id as "Attachment ID",

       st.mon$transaction_id "Transaction ID",


         when st.mon$state = 0 then 'IDLE'

         when st.mon$state = 1 then 'ACTIVE'

       end as "State",

       st.mon$timestamp "Started At",

       st.mon$sql_text "Statement Text",

       r.mon$record_seq_reads as "Non-indexed Reads",

       r.mon$record_idx_reads as "Indexed Reads",

       r.mon$record_inserts as "Records Inserted",

       r.mon$record_updates as "Records Updated",

       r.mon$record_deletes as "Records Deleted",

       r.mon$record_backouts as "Records Backed Out",

       r.mon$record_purges as "Records Purged",

       r.mon$record_expunges as "Records Expunged",

       io.mon$page_reads as "Page Reads",

       io.mon$page_writes as "Page Writes",

       io.mon$page_fetches as "Page Fetches",

       io.mon$page_marks as "Page Marks"

FROM mon$statements st

left join mon$record_stats r on (st.mon$stat_id = r.mon$stat_id)

left join mon$io_stats io on (st.mon$stat_id = io.mon$stat_id)

where st.mon$state=1

order by st.mon$timestamp


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Assunto: [firebird-support] object is in use




IBExpert shows the message:

lock conflict on no wait transaction
unsuccessful metada update
object MY_PROCEDURE is in use

How can I see 'who' is using the procedure?



Hugo Eyng