Subject Strange connection problem


I have a strange problem, which I have no idea at the moment how to solve. 

Let me see if I can describe the problem. 


I start my program. 

When this happens, I connect to a licens DB (using user OCCLICENS), check some records, disconnects and continue.

Now the program connects to the real DB using correct user (OCCKONTOR_N01).

Here I do a report, print it to the screen and it ends with "Canvas does not allow drawing" and throws an AV. Or doing something else, which causes an AV.

At this point my program is dead, so I have to stop it running from inside Delphi (or from taskmanager, if it is being run from outside Delphi).

Now when I start the program again, it will fail to connect to the Licens DB (using user OCCLICENS). But  only from this program. 

The error here is:

Unable to complete network request to host "".

Failed to establish a connection

This problem persists until I restart my machine. 

This has started the past week and this has never been a problem before.

And the problem goes on to whatever database I would like to connect to (so its regardless of what server I contact).

If I connect the the licens DB using the same user but from another program (could be Database workbench) it works fine. 

This tells me that the failure is connected the the the program and somehow the user. 

Anyone with any hints?


My machine is running Windows 7 64 bits all updates installed.

Firebird Client is (Just updated from Both versions have the same problem. 

Firebird Server is (Just updated from But when this has come, this program can't connect to any DB anymore.