Subject RE: [firebird-support] Date literals
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The following Format ‘yyyy-MM-dd’ should work.

Select CAST( LEFT( '20140814',4) ||'-'|| substring('20140814' from 5 for 2) ||'-'||RIGHT('20140814',2) as DATE) from RDB$DATABASE


In the past I had some obstacles converting datetime values from another source to the latest Firebird DB.

FireBird’s Dialect 1 will store the Date & Time value in one field of data type “DATE”.  Using Dialect 3, the Data Type “DATE” only stores the Date part of the value. You would need to parse it and store the Time part of the field to a field of Data Type TIME, or use the TIMESTAMP data Type which handles the Date & Time.



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Subject: [firebird-support] Date literals



Hi, I'm in the progress of converting an existing application from Sybase SQL (11.0.3 - from the stoneage) to Firebird.From Sybase (as well as some other databases I work with) I'm used to entering date literals as 'yyyymmdd'.I keep getting "Overflow occured during data type conversion".Is it true, that this date format isn't recognized by firebird?Which is the most common date format, can you recommend any format?Thanks Lutz