Subject Re: [firebird-support] Getting Invalid Request BLR at offset 49 ?
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
>> If (:In_vin = :Out_BikeLast8Vin) then BEGIN
>> Update Total_sales_to_part_cost_match
>> :Out_BikeMake, TSPM_BIKEMODEL = :Out_BikeModel, TSPM_LAST8VIN =
>> :Out_BikeLast8Vin;

>Given that your stored procedure will update (and return) at most one
>row (as far as I understand your domain) and this is something that
>changes data (instead of only producing rows), I would keep it an
>executable stored procedure and change the way you execute it.

Just a minor comment that's irrelevant to the original question: The update statement has no WHERE clause, so all records of Total_sales_to_part_cost_match will be updated.