Subject Re: [firebird-support] Database Too Large.
Author marcus
IIRC that's the second user having problems with SAM Broadcast using
firebird. The Product company Spacial Audio has its own support site at, that should be your way to ask
for help, as they do know how their application talks to the database.

And, as Werner has written, the database size is not the problem. A
database of 200 MB is a 'snack'...

Alexey Kovyazin ak@... [firebird-support] wrote:
> Hi Stefano,
> To decrease database size you need to make backup/restore.
> Then, to keep its growth under control, you need to perform the
> following maintenance procedure:
> 1) stop Firebird server and then start it immediately (less than 3 sec
> downtime).
> 2) run
> gfix -sweep -user SYSDBA -pass masterkey <database_path>
> that's all.
> Regards,
> Alexey Kovyazin
> IBSurgeon