Subject Re: [firebird-support] Database Too Large.
Author Werner
Hi Stefano,

On 6/27/2014 11:01, 'Stefano.malaisi@...' stefano.malaisi@... [firebird-support] wrote:

I use SAM Broadcaster Webradio Automation Program.
You need to give more information on the above, a link would already be good.

Better would be what Firebird SQL access tool is being used, e.g. I use Python to develop my app and I can use the access tools kinterbasdb or fdb and some others if I would connect via ODBC.

The database size is not the problem, there are systems out there which use Firebird SQL with much larger db sizes and no performance problems.

In your case I would guess that the software is not closing transactions correctly.  If all is done correctly then the garbage collection will happen automagically.

I have an Event.log (Contain everything that happens in the radio) and a History (all the songs played) but if i check the Backup Size is 6/7 mb.
The SAMBC.FDB it is growing every day, before reset was 3 Mb (with ALL of the webradio songs perfetly loaded into db) and now after 4 days is 8 Mb!!!!!
If you need to restart SAM Broadcaster you force the program to read 200 MB of database (it freeze!!!)  when 6 Mb is enough (loading REALLY FAST), could you tell me why ??
What's' inside the database ? There is a way to decrease the size deleting gargage (SAM's forum admin said garbage probably is the problem)..
I can't understand why after the first run the db is 6 Mb (Correct) and WITHOUT add new records to the db (no songs added during last few days) the size increase.

What do you think about it ?? I'm just thinking to migrate mySQL db architecture.

Please help me !!! There is a tool to decrease the db??
Wrong place to ask that question, we here 'feel' that Firebird SQL is the better solution but then your mileage may very.