Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: GROUP BY odd results - can someone explain please?
Author Mark Rotteveel
On 20 Jun 2014 03:54:42 -0700, "tomconlon7@... [firebird-support]"
<> wrote:
> Thanks for the replies.
> - Same results with ISQL + CTE
> - FB version SS on Windows 2008 Server R2 (on a VM)
> - will validate the db when possible.

Firebird 2.1.3 is relatively old, and a large number of bugs were fixed in
2.1.4 and 2.1.5 (and in the upcoming 2.1.6). I looked through the fix list
and nothing immediately jumped out, but you might want to test this with a
more recent Firebird version just to be sure.