Subject Re: [firebird-support] How to retrieve list of users granted with the CREATE USER WITH ADMIN ROLE
Hi Thomas,
I think it is a little bit complexer as one may think.

The admin role in CREATE USER WITH ADMIN ROLE is not registered in RDB$ROLES/RDB$USER_PRIVILEGES of the **main** database, but I assume it is registered in the **security** database. It is user specific, not database specific.

However security databases can not be accessed directly with SQL, so I can not query all users defined with CREATE USER WITH ADMIN ROLE. From a security viewpoint it is desirable to know which users have this privilege.

Any suggestions or work-around? Otherwise I will add a new request (e.g. add a field sec$with_admin_role (0/1) in sec$users). Nice challenge for Mr. Peshkov;)

Kind regards,