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Thank you Josh,
We are dealing with your old issue now. we upgraded from 2003 32 bit to win 2008 server 64 bit. We have two servers. Our plan is to downgrade one server to 2003 32 bit and use it for now. The second server will remain on win 2008. We will install FB 2.5.2 on it and test our apps on it. After making sure everything is working right with 2.5.2, we then upgrade our first server.


Date: Fri, 30 May 2014 13:51:17 -0600
Subject: Re: RES: [firebird-support] Firebird 1.5 on 64bit OS. Newer Hardware but bad performance


We recently had to deal with this issue. Going from 2003 32bit to 08 64bit. The problem is the way FB utilizes system memory when using an older version on a 64bit system. We upgraded to 2.5.2 64bit and it gave us more options for tweaking the usage of system memory VS FB cache. It also fixed FB's memory bug on 64bit systems. Completely solved our issue.

We also did a bunch of other tweaks that really helped. Let me know if you need any help with this.


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Maybe you dont have a HDD cached controller.

Run a program like Crystal Disk Mark in the old computer and in the new computer. If the performance of new computer is terrible you must change your physical hard disk controller. 

I had this problem with a Dell server that is a “internet server” (without cache) instead of a “Database serve”.


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We recently upgraded our database server from Win server 2003 to Win 2008 server. We upgraded hardware as well.

The new hardware (IBM x3550 M4) is way more advanced than the old one. 4 times the RAM and CPU speed.

We ran some tests on the new hardware(a few select/update queries), the performance was way less than the old server using the same database.

I read somewhere on one of IB Surgeon slides that All architectures of 32 bit Firebird will work bad at 64-bit Windows with >4Gb RAM.

Since we can't upgrade our Firebird DB to 2.x, Do we need to downgrade our OS to a 32 bit version and install less RAM to gain a little more performance or we missing something else?