Subject Re: [firebird-support] non us characters in comments fail
Author Tim Ward
On 25/04/2014 09:14, Pekka Paunio wrote:

There seems to be all sorts of annoyances that have to do with character sets.

For me it is not necessary to use non us characters but these things take time unnecessarily.

There is a Cambridge Computer Science exam question:

"Explain why even experienced programmers have difficulties with character sets."

Originally you were expected to write an essay about escape sequences on flexowriter tapes (five bit wide paper tapes); in my day we were expected to write about conversions between ASCII and EBCDIC. I don't know whether the question is still asked with unchanged wording but can see no reason why it shouldn't be! - today's essay might be about something like how to represent Chinese in the "from" line of an email.
Tim Ward