Subject Re: Is there any benefit when using Firebird Classic in 64bit version?
First of all Thomas, thank you very much for your response.
As I am sure you know there is this 64 bit hype around and people will install 64 bit versions of applications just because 64 number is bigger than 32 = they think that bigger means better.
But I have my own brain and thought that there is no point for installing 64 bit server if single firebird process takes no more than 20 MB of RAM.

> I guess you are running with the default 75 page buffers, as well with
> low in-memory sort settings etc. A great playground for Firebird
> consulting services. ;-)

Good guess! :-) However I am planning to change that, please take a look if you do not mind and this post:

Noone has responded me, perhaps for the reason you said - it is a good job for a consultant. And noone want to give such advice for free...

However it is hard for me to imagine the set of options in firebird config which would cause a single process to take 2GB of RAM.

> But when you are using third-party UDF libraries, they usually add a
> dependency on the bitness for the Firebird server anyway. I have seen
> customers using their home-grown UDF library built with Delphi, thus
> 32-bit in the old days, which results in using Firebird 32-bit as well.

> You can't use Firebird 64-bit when you are using a 32-bit UDF library
> and don't have a 64-bit version of the UDF library available. But I
> guess, you know that.

Yes I know that, I wrote 32 bit UDF and now I am starting to think about recompiling it with 64 bit. The reason is that guys from my company are installing 64 bit FB in Classic because they think it is better...


how much would you take for an one hour of your consulting time?:)  Could you send me some offer on my email?