Subject RE: [firebird-support] Reading unnecessary records
I get these data from an old app called Interbase PLAN Analizer, that works pretty well.
It shows me "reads" and also the plan. I can see how Firebird includes in the plan all codification tables, when it is not strictly necessary.

Something changed in FB 2.5 version. I used 1.0 for a long time and the new one is slower in some cases.

I use ClassicServer  because of resilience offered by the multiple processes. I know that it is less efficient, but the number of concurrent users are really low, between 2-10.

In any case, when I do tests, I am in my own dev PC and I am the only user.

Probably I could improve tuning the database, but the bottle neck is the plan, that it is not optimized. As other users say in this forum about this thread, it is a huge problem. They, as probably me, cannot use views because they are slow. The solution is to built on the fly the SQL statement, but it is complex and we are doing the Firebird job.
I would like to find a better way.

Thank you