Subject Re: [firebird-support] Copy Table
Author Thomas Beckmann
Hi Woody,

I think, it's neither intended to, nor necessary to alter structure of
old backup tables to meet current version. If I understood right, it's
just intended to have a snapshot of the data on regular basis for backup

I would not call it "old school", but a design decission: I'm really
used to have my databases do their stuff on their own, without any other
piece of software...


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> Thank you Thomas
> Sometimes I may add fields to the master table and if I write all the
> fields explicitely, I will need to modify the stored procedure. I want
> to ensure to make an exact copy. So what I want to is:
> 1- Get the structure of the master table
> 2- Create a table with the year-month-day postfix
> 3- Copy all data from the master to the backup table
> If it's possible to do this within a stored procedure, I will go that way.
> If not, I'll do it from a client program.
> Now I do these manually:
> -Copy the ddl text, change the table name to let's say TblA
> -Create table TblA_2014_04_01 (columns..)
> -Insert into TblA_2014_04_01 select * from TblA
> How will you handle adding the new fields to existing "backup" tables?
> How will the procedure know which is a new field and which is not
> without looking at the structure of all the past tables created?
> IMHO, creating new tables for each month will become more of a nightmare
> as time goes by. I would think the better solution would be to create
> one backup table with a field for the year and month to distinguish the
> records. Trying to keep up with dynamic DDL changes for an unknown
> number of tables seem to be more of a pain than it's worth. Then again,
> maybe I'm just too old school about databases and still believe the best
> way to control DDL is outside the database, not inside. :)
> Woody (TMW)

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