Subject Re: [firebird-support] Copy Table
Thank you Thomas
Sometimes I may add fields to the master table and if I write all the fields explicitely, I will need to modify the stored procedure.  I want to ensure to make an exact copy. So what I want to is:
1- Get the structure of the master table 
2- Create a table with the year-month-day postfix 
3- Copy all data from the master to the backup table 

If it's possible to do this within a stored procedure, I will go that way. 
If not, I'll do it from a client program.
Now I do these manually:
-Copy the ddl text, change the table name to let's say TblA
-Create table TblA_2014_04_01 (columns..)
-Insert into TblA_2014_04_01 select * from TblA