Subject Re: [firebird-support] Online DDL
Author Aldo Caruso
My concern was about logical or business rules issues, not about database corruption, which I didn't know could happen.

Why does corruption happen mixing DDL and DML in the same transaction ?


El 22/03/14 20:55, Carlos H. Cantu escribió:

No, corruption can happen if you mix DDL and DML in the same transaction. If you "commit" between them, you are safe.

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El 23/03/2014, a las 00:44, "Carlos H. Cantu" <listas@...> escribió:

It depends on what kind of changes you plan to do. Some of them still
needs exclusive access, otherwise you may end up with an "object is in
use" error.

I think Aldo asks If it is "sure", because there are comments, some recent, that changing metadata while users connected can cause database corruption.

Of course, If object in use raises, is not a problem, only if the database stay in the prior state after the error, but is a problem if trying to drop a table can cause database corruption.

Jesus Garcia