Subject RE: [firebird-support] Unable to load 64bit fbclient.dll
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:58 a.m. 14/03/2014, Leyne, Sean wrote:

>Actually, the WOW64 folder contains the x64 binaries (not the 32 bit)

No, WOW64 has the 32-bit libs, like SYSWOW64 on the platform.

>The folder should really be renamed "x64"

Well, no, if anything it should just be named "32-bit"; so might as well stick with Microsoft's weird putting all the 64-bit libs in \system32, for example.

>There is a open tracker case to have the "bitness" of the binaries added as a string to the Windows file information, to allow user/developers to confirm whether they are looking at 32 or 64 bit files/binaries.

Hope our platform builders are listening attentively. For now, the "dll Hell" tradition has become "dll Hell Squared".