Subject Re: [firebird-support] Table information
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
On 11.03.2014 08:09, Svein Erling Tysvær wrote:
>>> Is there a way to get information like last time the table was
>>> updated/changed,
>> No.
> 'No' as in no built-in support.

Right. :-)

> It is easily doable by having a AFTER INSERT OR UPDATE trigger or add a field with CURRENT_TIMESTAMP as default. Though, of course, this will only help you get the last COMMITTED change of the table.

Yes and it won't work for deletes.

There is also a gotcha I have seen in the field, where people maintain a
single table with one row per table and some sort of last changed field.
Or even worse a SINGLE record with a last updated timestamp field per table.

This results in a pure hotspot table (bottleneck) from a
concurrency/throughput POV.

This all would be a very nice use case for per-statement trigger instead
of per-row trigger, which Firebird doesn't support, unfortunately.

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