Subject Re: [firebird-support] Select stored in a table
Author Virna Constantin

On Tuesday, March 4, 2014 12:24 PM, Bogdan Mihalache <bogdan.mihalache@...> wrote:

I have this Sql statement strored in a table :
Select sum(secunde_fact)  as cantitate  From agenda Where id_contract = :lcIdContract and  id_ramura = :lcIdRamura And id_subramura = :lcIdSubramura And (agenda.data_factura between :ldDela And :ldPanala )   And facturabil = 1 and deleted = 0
I wanna used in a stored procedure, like this :
lcIdClient     = id_client ;
            lcIdContract   = id_contract ;
            lcIdRamura     = id_ramura ;
            lcIdSubramura  = id_subramura ;
            ldDela         = lcDela ;
            ldPanala       = lcPanala  ;
            lnAn           = Extract (Year From ldDela) ;
            lnLuna         = Extract (Month From ldDela)  ;
            For Select, ab.sql, aa.val1, aa.val2, aa.val3, aa.val4, aa.int_start,
                    aa.int1, aa.int2, aa.int3, aa.int4, aa.id_criteriu_pret, aa.id_pret_um,
                    aa.felpret, aa.ispretfix, ac.id_subramura
                From contracte_det_pret aa
                Left Join nom_contracte_pret_um ab on aa.id_pret_um         =
                Left Join nom_contracte_pret    ac on aa.id_criteriu_pret   =
                Where aa.id_contract =  :lcIdContract And ac.id_subramura = :lcIdSubramura
                Into :um, :sql, :val1, :val2,  :val3, :val4, :int_start,
                    :int1, :int2, :int3, :int4, :lcIdCriteriuPret, :lcIdPretUm,
                    :felpret, :ispretfix, :lcIdSubramura
                 if (lower(:felpret) = 'pretunitar')
                      Execute Statement Sql Into :lnCantitate ;
                      lnCantitate = coalesce(:lnCantitate, 0) ;
                      valoare = lnCantitate *  val1 ;
I am using IBExpert as a tool to view my database. In debug mode it works just fine. But if i hit play, i`m receivind an error, that he can`t fiind column lcIdContract, at this line(when he is trying to execute the sql statement) :    Execute Statement Sql Into :lnCantitate ;
If i remove the variables(:lcIdContract, :lcIdRamura, etc.)  from the sql statement, that is stored in the table, it`s working, but I really need to keep them, and keep the sql in the table.  Does anyone has a solution to my problem?